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First off, I am really sorry that I went off the blog just like that. I got bitten by a really severe bug of blogger’s block and needed some time to recover. So I disappeared for a while. And now I am back refreshed, and hopefully free of the damn bug.

To my super sweet blog friends, who wrote comments, emails and FB messages, thank you so much! It means a lot to me that you guys missed me.

And now back to today’s post. December is my favourite month of the year and this December is turning out to be the best month ever. So many things happening – the anniversary (we went to Goa, more on that in a bit), my birthday, discovering Photoshop (downloaded it just yesterday) and last but definitely not the least – getting the Kindle!!!

The anniversary was on the 13th, and to celebrate we were at Goa this week. We thought why ruin the mood, by going to office mid-week after an awesome vacation, so we took Thursday and Friday off too. So here I am fiddling with Photoshop, the Kindle and enjoying my looooonngg weekend. I had really expected that Kindle would most likely trump everything else, but it turns out that Photoshop won this round. I spent nearly 5 hours on it yesterday, learning and finishing the trip photos. I have to say Photoshop is way better than Gimp, its only drawback being that it is a pretty expensive software. I’ll add a few trip photos here, just to show off a bit (isn’t that one of the purposes for having a blog 😛 )






Anyhow, so this is about all I have for the coming back post. Hopefully, I shall really be back in the full flow soon.


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After my last post, I have been shying away from WP dashboard. This blogging block is getting worse by the day. Today, I finally put my foot down. I had to post something, before it gets to me, and I lose my dear blog forever!!!

But since I really have no idea to write about, I’ll leave you guys with two pics from my Ahmedabad trip as promised. Hope you’ll like them 🙂



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Ganapati bappa morya

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I discovered a fantastic resource today. The author of this page has created some really amazing scripts that can prove very handy, if you are a novice at post-processing, like yours truly. Using these scripts makes post-processing so very simple, just one click and its done.

Coincidentally today Laura published another Whats-your-play post. So combining the two, I would like to introduce you guys to three of the scripts I tried from Samuel’s site.

Below is the original, lovely shot by Laura.

wyp106 Original

Presenting the vintage look. I love the feel of this version.

wyp106 Vintage look

Next up – a version using sunny landscape script. This is my favourite. The flowers look so fresh and its so bright and shiny all around 😀

wyp106 Using the sunny landscape script

And finally, using the famous lomo script. This script is an easy way to obtain vignetting effect. And the grainy feel of the photo is nice too.

wyp106 - Used the lomo script

Which version did you like best ? Is this post tempting you to try out gimp and these amazing scripts too ??

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Wordful Wednesday!

I don’t think I’ll be able to manage two blogs! Too much work.. So moved all the posts and comments to my good ol’ blog.. I’ll be posting right here from now on..


With the DSLR mania on, I found a new specimen for my experiments. Remember those cute little aroma-therapy boxes you’ve seen near the billing counter of Shopper’s Stop. Well I’d got one of those a couple of months back. Yesterday when I was turning my house upside-down for a WW pic, I found it!

Here is a pic of the whole box, along with its contents. Isn’t the little elephant cute? And the wax flower ?

Aroma Therapy

I really liked the texture of the wooden box, and the cute elephant. After a bit of tries I got this one. I really like how the texture of the box is completely in focus at the tip, and then gradually blurs out.

Elephant on a box

Similar to the Ganesha pic, only a bit of post-processing was done to enhance the colours, using the levels tool from Gimp.

I also wanted to see how the last image would look in B/W. So I converted it using Gimp -> Colors->Desaturate by Luminosity. Here is that version.


Do let me know your thoughts on the pics!

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Bitten by the photography bug, and bored on this gloomy depressing Saturday, I decided to add a new blog dedicated to photography..

To start off.. I’d like to present my entries at Laura’s What’s your play – 104.

Adding vignette effect..


And here is one with selective colourization


The best part of this exercise?

I learned how to use the free tool GIMP to create such lovely post processed images. Here is a link to a wonderful resource.

I would love to hear some feedback on the post-processing I have performed. I am a noobie, I’d be grateful for all suggestions!

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