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Why do parents oppose inter-regional relationships? Do they not care about their children? How or more importantly why do they care so much about what would society say rather than thinking about the happiness of their child for a lifetime? Don’t they love their children? Or do they believe that the child will truly be happy only with a person of similar background? I agree that similar background makes the changes associated with marriage a little simpler, but how can that be a necessity is beyond me.

I have seen so many of my friends where parents have opposed marriage, just because the chosen partner is from a different region/ speaks a different language/ belongs to a different sub-caste. It’s not like they hail from villages or something. They are very well-educated, highly successful surgeons!  Yet, just because the guy is from a different region, they don’t approve of him. It’s the 21st century for gods sake! My friend suffered for 4 long years before her parents finally accepted that she won’t give up on the guy, and agreed to the marriage. But those 4 years, she went through hell. Another dear friend has broken off just because the guys parents could not accept her since she is from a little lower class than then, it doesn’t matter that she is extremely intelligent, and caring and loves the guy very very much.

Can anyone please explain the rationale behind such thinking?

PS. My parents have been great in this respect.. They were (almost) relieved that I chose P myself 😀

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Typical morning conversation…

6:30 am.. alarm rings

Me: (sleepily)  Do you think we should go to the gym today?
P: Yes, definitely.. but its just 6:30… 15 more mins
Me: (happily) ok..(back to sleep)

6:40 am alarm rings again (hit the snooze button)

6:50.. alarm…
Me: Do you reaallly feel like going (very very hopefully)
P: lets see… we still have time.. its just 6:50.. 5 more mins..

7:00 am

Me: (opening one eye, glancing at the clock) Its already 7.. if you wanna go we should leave now.. (knowing very well the response..)
P: bus.. 2 more mins… come here ( 😉 )

7:10 am

Me: We have to get up now..
P: 10 more secs.. please.. please ..

7:20 am… I am suddenly up..

Me: oh no.. its 7:20.. can’t go now.. will get late for office..
P: ok.. lets sleep 😀

folks.. and that is how we end up not going to the gym.. Can’t blame me for not trying..

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Before you I never knew I could have so much fun riding, nor did I know I would be so damn scared on the roads..

Riding with you gives me that amazing feeling of independence, that-i-dont-give-a-damn-feeling.. I feel like I am flying 🙂  (Though honestly at the speed at which I ride, even I can’t say that with a straight face :P)

It is because of you that I can enjoy my sleep, and not have to worry about catching the 8:13 Fast train…

You navigate traffic like magic, and make all other vehicles oh so jealous 😀

I cannot imagine going to office without you..

You have been so patient with me, never complaining about the potholes, never bothering me with a flat tyre.. or an empty tank..

People warn me about biking in Mumbai, but we are careful aren’t we :).. Plus I know you would never hurt me..

Fingers crossed for a happily every after 😀

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My First Award :D

Preeti has very kindly awarded me my very first award :D.. Yippiiee 😀

Here it is —

The rules of this award are :

1. Thank the person that gave this to you
Thanks a lot Preeti for the very lovely award 🙂
2. Copy the award and put it on your blog.


3. List 3 things you love about yourself
My punctuality. I just cannot be late for any appointment.. Thankfully P shares my love of punctuality. I also tend to be a little intolerant of people who do not value others time 😦
Secondly, the fact that I cannot pretend to like someone. It just shows on my face when interacting with someone. Though truthfully, it can be quite a handicap sometimes. But what the heck 🙂
Last but definitely not the least, I so love my sense of humor. My jokes are mostly situational comedy, and the best(or worst!) part is that I don’t even have to make an effort. It seems like god’s gift (or for the people listening, god’s curse 😛 ).
4. Post a picture you love (e.g a person you adore etc.)
This is  pic of the two of us during our courtship days. I just love the way P turns the side mirror so that we can see each other while conversing on the bike :D. We have both realised that our best conversations mostly happen on the bike :). So this pic has it all – the both of us + the essential ingredient – bike.
5. Tag 5 people you wish to pass this award on to.
I don’t have 5 people :(, but I would like to pass this award to
I would also like to award it to DI, but she has already gotten it :).

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Joys of married life

– Cuddle in semi-sleep till late morning..so peaceful that I never want to wake up

– Boss him around, when I feel lazy/ tired

– Order only one dessert for both of us and eat most of it, while not feeling guilty about not going to the gym.

– Watch LOST, House, BBT, Two and a Half Men together every week, never having to worry about the downloads, since it is his responsibility 😀

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My current job is great. The facilities here are amazing. The food is good, we have flexible timings, there is enough work on weekdays, there is never any work on weekends, the pay is also quite good. Then why do I feel that twinge of jealousy when I hear about someone getting promoted in my old company. She is a great friend, worked very hard and more than deserved the promotion too. . I know I should not be feeling jealous, especially of a friend’s success.. But I do, and I hate myself for it 😦

It is just that I am not sure about the growth in my company. They don’t believe in job titles. You get the post of a senior after completing 2-3 yrs in the company. But after that, I know of people who have been working for 6-7 yrs at this same post. I know I would not want to be like this. I am not sure how good my boss thinks I am at my job and whether I deserve a promotion.

For a long time after I joined the company, I badly wanted to very well at the job. Somewhere along the line, I got busy with other things, wedding, moving to a new home, adjusting to the lifestyle here.. and sort of forgot about my career…. A chat with my friend suddenly reminded me of all those things. I hope that this incident serves as an inspiration and drives me to work at-least a little bit harder towards my career 🙂

Very hopefully 🙂


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What would you do?

Today we got a packet each of  Kellogg’s muesli fruit &  Kellogg’s muesli nut at Big Bazar. They had an offer of Rs 15 off on MRP if we got the two together. When we got to the counter, the cashier swiped the product and it showed a value of 100 instead of 185. I was surprised and quickly pointed out the mistake to the cashier.

Once we were out of the shop P mentioned he would not have done the same. He said we weren’t technically doing any crime, it was the company’s mistake and it should have paid for the same. I was not so sure…

Whats your take?

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