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Honesty is the best policy

.. and so I am confessing the real reason why my blog is being neglected for so long.

To give you an idea, here are a few conversations that my phone witnesses during my “work” day.

If it is mid-morning

P – Hey, I just reached office
Me: Yes, but sorry can’t talk now – (deep breaths in the background, huffing and puffing severely) . I’m working out, will call later

If he calls a couple of hours later

Me – Sorry- mera turn aya hai carrom mein – will talk later (FYI office has carrom, pool and TT :D)

Post lunch, around tea-time

P- Hey are you free now?
Me- (With my mouth stuffed with yummy dahi-puri) Thodi der baad.

Do you guys think, I’m guilty? With facilities like this – who the hell will want to stay at their desk and work (blog :P)


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After my last post, I have been shying away from WP dashboard. This blogging block is getting worse by the day. Today, I finally put my foot down. I had to post something, before it gets to me, and I lose my dear blog forever!!!

But since I really have no idea to write about, I’ll leave you guys with two pics from my Ahmedabad trip as promised. Hope you’ll like them 🙂



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Ali majhya ghari hi Diwali *

There is certain comfort in tradition. For me it is making karanji’s with Mom for Diwali. And that has been when I’ve been doing over the weekend at Ahmedabad.

Of course that is not the real story, you should know better by now :P. I have been sleeping, eating, fiddling with the camera – and repeat, for the last three days. To make up just a teeny tiny bit, for the impossible amount of eating, we have been taking walks in the colony. Walks that included sighting peacocks, chasing squirrels and trying to get them pose while eating chana (* them eating chana, not me jfyi I had much fancier stuff 😛 :P) holding hands, discussions on random stuff, and even more talking. I cherish these walks, which are just impossible in the city where I live.

Other times when I was awake and not eating (very rare, but there were times :P) P & I fought for and took turns to read – Surely You’re Joking, Mr. Feynman! The book is a very light read, the narration seems a bit hurried, but it is served as a very good timepass for the vacation that we had. Thank you Mr. Feynman, I think I just might have burst from the sides – given the amount of food I could have eaten, had I not been distracted by the book 😉

Sadly, all good things have to come to an end! I hate leaving heaven and coming back to office :(. But, that is just about bearable, because office is only for two more days, and then I’ll be off again 😀 😀

This being my first Diwali, there is a lot of enthusiasm, and cheer all around. Its rubbed off on me and I (very unlike me), have found a sudden interest in –

  1. dressing up (even to the extent of wearing a saree, which will be after a very long time)
  2. hunting for those long forgotten pieces jewellery, bought at the wedding,
  3. colouring my hair (for the first time ever)
  4. trying a teeny bit of make up (?)
  5. lighting a couple of ful-jhari’s and anars
  6. decorating the place with pretty diyas

I’m all set for the festivities, are you?

PS: I’ll be back with pictures from my trip, till then be good ;).  Wish you all a very Happy and joyous Diwali. Have a loads of fun folks!


* The title is from an old Marathi song, dunno why it popped into my head when I was scratching my head for a title.

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