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Knock Knock :D

You can run, you can hide, but you can’t escape my the love.. are the lines playing in my mind as I read all you guys’ FB wall posts and emails urging me to come back. It feels good to be missed. But I guess I owe all of you an apology too, for running away from the blog without so much as a brb post. So here it is. I am sorry. And I am back :D. I can’t promise to write as frequently as I used to, but I’ll try to post whenever I can get my lazy brain to string together a few coherent words.

On a personal front, I just came back from a family get-together (well, who am I kidding, more of babysitting my cousins weekend). And it was super awesome. We played hours and hours of Uno, took lots of candid shots of the little (most of my cousins are still in school, so I can rightly call them lil :D) kiddos and ate yummy home-made chocolate, mangoes and truckloads of fun. All the grown-ups were away at a wedding with (mostly) me and P in-charge. He had fun, grouping up the kids and pitching them up against me 😛 😛

The kids did not know how to address P..Jijaji (bro-in-law) is too formal so he became P dada (brother) and I am anyway *insert my real name* tai (sis) :|.  The weekend so reminded me of the summer vacations I used to have with the elder set of these cousins during school times. *Sigh*. I so want a vacation now :(.
Monday’s are bad every week. But I had to literally drag myself to office today :(. But logging into FB (the first thing anyone does after reaching office :P), I saw these wall posts, and I had to write this :D. Thank you guys for making my Monday so much better already!

How was your weekend folks?


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First off, I am really sorry that I went off the blog just like that. I got bitten by a really severe bug of blogger’s block and needed some time to recover. So I disappeared for a while. And now I am back refreshed, and hopefully free of the damn bug.

To my super sweet blog friends, who wrote comments, emails and FB messages, thank you so much! It means a lot to me that you guys missed me.

And now back to today’s post. December is my favourite month of the year and this December is turning out to be the best month ever. So many things happening – the anniversary (we went to Goa, more on that in a bit), my birthday, discovering Photoshop (downloaded it just yesterday) and last but definitely not the least – getting the Kindle!!!

The anniversary was on the 13th, and to celebrate we were at Goa this week. We thought why ruin the mood, by going to office mid-week after an awesome vacation, so we took Thursday and Friday off too. So here I am fiddling with Photoshop, the Kindle and enjoying my looooonngg weekend. I had really expected that Kindle would most likely trump everything else, but it turns out that Photoshop won this round. I spent nearly 5 hours on it yesterday, learning and finishing the trip photos. I have to say Photoshop is way better than Gimp, its only drawback being that it is a pretty expensive software. I’ll add a few trip photos here, just to show off a bit (isn’t that one of the purposes for having a blog 😛 )






Anyhow, so this is about all I have for the coming back post. Hopefully, I shall really be back in the full flow soon.

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Story of my life

Pre marriage:-

Pal Pal pal pal har pal har pal kaise katega pal har pal ……

Me (picking up the phone, what you thought I was singing ? :P) : Hey baby
P: Hey, how are you?
Me: Good good.. I was missing you.
A bored colleague who had to listen to this conversation 10,000 times a day – Fir se? Abhi to baat ki thi
P: I missed you too, sweet-heart
Me: There are so many jealous people around me, sigh. You are so romantic! I am so lucky,
P: No dear, I am lucky!

and so on.. I am sure you do not want to read any more of these sickeningly sweet nothings 😛

And now:-

This is how our chat (yeah, yeah why spend on the wife) summary looks like ..

Me: hey dude
(5 mins later) Me: you there?
(20 mins) Me again: Guess you must be busy, was just wondering if you had lunch. How is your day going btw?

30 mins later he finally notices my messages
P: Sorry, a little busy right now, will ttyl

Edited to add: My shameless ploy for attention worked, he called me thrice today 😛 😛

p.s. The description above does not hint about the real reasons for his behaviour, since the author felt that informing the readers about the fact that he was, totally lukkha during pre-marriage days (because he had submitted resignation/ had no projects assigned) and that now when he has just joined the new firm, has truckloads of work and meetings (basically is actually, really busy) will make you sympathize towards him and steal the fun out of the post 😛

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Joys of married life – II

  • Waking up in the middle of the night to give your wife a hot water bag, to ease her menstrual cramps
  • Being woken up in the mornings by a kiss, and getting those extra 2 minutes in bed with her, before having to rush for office.
  • Saving a bar of chocolate that you got from a colleague on his birthday, so that you can share it with him.
  • Taking a bus trip to meet her grandparents, even though you get road-sick quite often.
  • Having the most awesome conversations over random stuff, in the shady bus for a journey that takes more than 12 hours.
  • Getting completely drenched every weekend of the monsoon, because you don’t travel by anything else but the beloved bike, and at the same time,
  1. you can’t say no to the nagging wife who wants you to chauffeur her around for camera research
  2. wifey again, who wants to go out for lunch @ a Parsi place which you told her about, and are still kicking yourself for 😛
  3. its criminal to stay at home for the entire weekend, even though it is pouring cats and dogs outside.
  • Coordinating office times, so that the long, painful walk to the station gets much more bearable.
  • Watching a ridiculous series titled – “Gossip Girls”, because she insists, even though you are pretty sure, she doesn’t know half of whats going on in it.
  • Having to proof-read each of her posts, including this one, since her Highness – is incapable of doing so herself 😛
  • I’ll leave you with a comic he fwded to me a couple of days back.

silence is gold

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I would love to answer all questions of the above type with a look of horror on my face saying “OMG, I thought I sprouted my horns and a tail the instant I got married, can you not see them? Get me a mirror quick!”.. Unfortunately, being the diplomatic person I am.. I just give them a smile and say all of this in my mind 😦

But seriously, what is this business about not looking married? I know a lot of you guys have done this post before, but I did not imagine, I would be hounded by this question so many times. The worst part is that it is not asked by some orthodox grandma busy with her japa mala, her I could understand, but by women (girls if you will :P) my age too! Modern, well educated, working, unmarried friends!!! People who I thought would have similar outlook towards life and marriage in general.

Why do all these stupid expectations still hold true. My office allows (in fact encourages) casual wear.. so I am usually in my jeans or 3/4th’s. They do not go well with the mangal-sutra, bindi, toe-rings and bangles.. The other fact is also that I hate dressing up like that, and my in-laws do not mind it either. Also I missed out on the memo that said I get to throw away my wardrobe and get a completely new one (info courtesy: Nuttie 😀 ) So I look exactly the way I used to before marriage. Why is it so unexpected and difficult to understand?

Another point is people expecting you to take extra care of the way you look after marriage. Before marriage, I was advised by many to learn make-up and dressing up and stuff that I normally do not do. Why? Because after marriage you are supposed to look good.. My reaction was wtf??? Why the hell should marriage be a reason to look good.. If someone likes to dress up/ wear make up, it is a choice irrespective of their marital status, isn’t it? And similarly, if someone is not too keen about such stuff, they cannot be expected to do the same just ‘coz they got married. It is completely ridiculous.

As it is a lot of things change for a woman when she gets married. Why add to her burden?

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  1. The hall was connected to a temple, and on every floor of the building, there was a sign saying – “Temple charges – 1 Re. per day, per person, per trip. Monthly pass Rs.15”
  2. Much fun was had yesterday attending a wedding. Since both the groom and bride were from my college group, the attendance from college group was quite high. Met many people from college group for the first time after 4 years. Made a very freaky observation – Among the college crowd, those who were married/about to get married had their partner from our college itself!!! The college seems less like an educational institute and more like a matrimonial place to me now 😛 . And it seems no outsider can seem to understand (tolerate) us since the rest were single!
  3. Cracked jokes of my (real) level today.. and was happy to find an audience that would actually connect :D. I so missed this. When asked “Hows life after marriage?” it was awesome to see people’s faces on my reply,”Oh its good for me, but you should probably be asking my MIL that :P”
  4. My two best friends from college came back home after the ceremony, and it almost seemed like old times, except now we gossiped, cribbed and complained about colleagues and family (both of them are single and their parents are making them look at prospective grooms!) instead of sharing gossip about people from college. Nothing like chatting with old friends and sharing to lift up your spirits
  5. People showed off their P&S cameras and while I tried my hands on them, I am now getting more and more inclined towards buying a DSLR. Especially after reading her. Anyone who is learning or has just started tinkering with their DSLRs I would strongly recommend reading her tutorials. Even if you do not own a camera, I’d still recommend you to hop over, the site is worth visiting just for the fabulous pictures she clicks.
  6. Woke up late today. Had the most awesome conversation with P over piping hot adrak chai and sabudana khichdi. He was not able to attend the wedding, and though he knew all of these people, he was not a part of this particular group of mine in college. Caught up with the latest gossip. Cribbed about his work. Said he would miss me next week (I am going home for a week, some religious thingie :(, I really hate doing it, its not that I mind going home.. just that some random custom which is definitely past its expiry date making me do it is the part pissing me off ). Going out later for some delicious .. I am drooling as I write this.. Achija Pav Bhaji. All in all a perfect Saturday morning!

Hows you weekend shaping up ?

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“Why does she get to tell me what to do! I am not used to this” she fumed.

“Please humor her, she is my mom after-all. And we do live in a joint family everybody has to do their part of the chores. Why are you being so selfish?”. He could not understand her. Was she the same person he had fallen in love with a couple of months earlier. It was not as if his mom had dumped all the household chores on her, she just asked her to help her out a little bit. Chores that would hardly take 30-45 minutes of Priya’s time. He had seen everyone in the house do their shares chores everyday since childhood, and couldn’t get why Priya found it so hard.

“I am not used to doing chores. My parents never asked me to, why can’t you just hire a maid or something. I work for 10-12 hours everyday, then why am I still expected to chip in with the chores?”. She was extremely frustrated. Apart from the chores she also resented that according to their joint house traditions – her husband gave all his salary to his dad, and he would get pocket-money – like a kid. She wished they could stay alone, just the two of them, with no one else to bother them with petty things like chores.

“We’ll discuss this later, right now both of us are getting late for work, let’s go”. He avoided the topic as usual.


At work too she was distracted by their morning conversation. Plus, she was feeling a little queasy. She assumed it was due to the road-side pani-puris she had gorged on after work yesterday. She felt a little faint and suddenly fell down.

When she opened her eyes, she found her MIL sitting beside her, gently sponging her head with ice-cold water. Tears welled up in her eyes, as she realised how wrong she had been in judging the lady. She knew her MIL had problems with her knees and it would not have been easy commuting so far to her office. In fact MIL did not even come out of the house, if she could help it, since there were some problem with the lift of their building for the last two days, and she would find it extremely painful to go up and down the stairs.

“How long have you been here?”

“Ssh, you should just rest for a while. You had a bad case of food poisoning, you had fainted at work, and your colleagues called at home. The doctor just checked on you and he gave some medicines, but your fever wasn’t subsiding. So I thought maybe this would help. You don’t worry about a thing now, ok? I am here for you.”

And she went back to sleep, with a warm fuzzy feeling, assured that she now had not one but two Moms.

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