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Piyu’s diaries

Before blogging, I was addicted to the traditional good old diary. I used to love my diary, the fact that I could write anything about anyone, and yet no one would judge me. I had a sympathetic ear to all my problems.

When I had a bad day, I could crib about how life had been unfair, and people cruel to me. How I had been treated wrongly, and why I deserved better.

When I had a good day, I would be full of joy, and those emotions would flow freely on my diary entry. The feeling of being on the top of the world.

My crushes, friends, foes, feelings, my innermost thoughts – the diary was privy to all.

I would feel so much better on venting out there. And I would be free from any fear that my secrets would be leaked.

The best part of keeping a diary was that you had a way of going back in time. It was precious. With the amazing memory that I have (please note the sarcasm), I absolutely loved reading my previous entries. The hopes I had, my expectations, my predictions for future and then turning a few more pages to compare how things had actually turned out.

Reading what I had previously wrote, almost always looked childish, in hindsight. But I was always thankful that I had such pages to go back to.

With the introduction of laptop in my life, writing by hand has taken a backseat, now all the diary entries are online. I still think paper is better, but with almost 24 hour access to laptop, one has had to choose the latter.

When I started out with blogging, I thought it would replace my diaries, but over time I have realised that the two serve different purposes. I am not so comfortable with the blogging medium to make it privy to the thoughts that only my dear diary knew. I guess I’ll have to make do with email and word documents for the time being.

I went home a couple of days back, and Mom gave me some of my old stuff to clear out. In that was a torn page, with my handwriting scribbled all over. Before throwing it out, I decided to check what it was, and it turned out that it was a page from a notepad, which I turned into diary in a hurry. The page contained some college time incident and other cute memories :D. The page is now carefully folded and kept in my purse for instant cheering up when I need. Good idea hai na?

Did you have a diary to spill out all your secrets?

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  • Weekend started  lazily. Woke up late, and since MIL had to attend a function, it was up to me to make us lunch. Rotis are something I hate making, so what else but yummylicious maggie came to my rescue. To get – Taste bhi health bhi :P, I added chopped onions tomatoes, capsicum and cabbage. And I am going to forget all modesty here and say it was awesome 😀
  • I had been wanting to get a digital camera for a long time, and had finally zeroed in on Cannon 200SX IS. We looked at the price in a couple of malls, and then decided to give a visit to Alfa. Even though the roads were full of traffic and it took us a lot of time, and P got extremely bugged of riding the bike, I must say, it was completely worth the trouble. We got a discount of almost 26%, which is huge. If you stay in Mumbai and wish to buy a mobile phone / camera, I would highly recommend you to check out the prices at Alfa before buying from a branded store.
  • The food delights continued with an evening snack at Merwans. They serve the best veg/chicken rolls I have tasted – ever. The bread is so soft that it melts in your mouth. Priced at a very reasonable 12 bucks per roll, the place is heaven for a foodie 🙂 :)..
  • Finally managed to watch Khuda ke liye . It is hard hitting, and had me crying for the most part.

    —-Spoilers ahead—-

    The atrocities committed on Mary had me seething, while the stupidity of Sarmad being influenced so highly by Moulana Tahiri wanted me to thunk his head on a wall to knock some sense into him. Mary’s hypocritical father, for whom it was okay for him to live in with an English woman, but not acceptable that his daughter marry an Englishman – I could really not get him – how could he live with himself for forcibly getting his daughter to marry her Pakistani cousin and be literally jailed in Afghanistan. Sarmad’s brother Mansoor on the other hand, goes to US for studies and is jailed due to racial profiling aftermath of 9/11. He is shown to undergo immense torture to such an extent that he ends up being institutionalized.

    —-Spoilers done—-

    I guess I got too emotionally involved with the movie! But I’d say it is a must watch. As a friend of mine said – “It is what New York and Kurbaan aimed to be but failed”.

  • The food journey continued with a plan to visit Britannia and Company Restaurant for Sunday lunch. Unfortunately, we realised the place is closed on Sundays after reaching there. So we had to settle for Pizzeria instead. I was not disappointed. Their pizza was excellent as was the garlic bread – crisp and tasty. Our seat at the hotel opened up on the sidewalk and I could see two very young children, selling roses to passersby. I suddenly felt a pang of guilt. Over time, I have found myself ignoring beggars, but then there are times, when I see them suddenly I get very emotional and very guilty and sad. What have I done to deserve the happiness and the cushy, comfy lifestyle I lead? Isn’t there something we can do for them?
  • Among the other random stuff – Can someone please tell the new security staff at office that good morning or good afternoon is to be wished only once per person per day. Not every time they see me. I was wished 8 times on Friday!!!
  • In fashion news, these are the latest craze in Mumbai’s local train stores. Presenting the sandal earrings – Available in all colours and patterns.

How was your weekend? Did you have fun 🙂 ?

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I have never been a very religious person. Just the praying to God before exams kind (a little buttering can never hurt, right!). So regularly fasting is not something I do. There is just this one fast that I am used to – Hartalika. When I was a kid, I was told, this fast is so that you get the person you want as a husband. So that and the fact that a Maharashtrian fast is a misnomer for feast (more on this ahead) made me take up the fasting thing. (Yeah I was gullible then, and with reading all those novels and watching bollywood movies about ‘luuurrvve’ I would do anything to get a guy I really wanted :P, of course food was a very important factor too). So every year, I would do this fast and then pray hard for whoever my current crush was :P, so that I could get him as my pati paramershwar for janam janam

These fasts entailed eating a variety of delicacies including – sabudana khichdi, upvas thalipeth, batatyacha kees (a yummy dish with spicy grated potatoes), varyache tandul and danyachi amti, sabudana wada and a huge variety of fruits. I would also get special treatment – since I was “fasting”. There would be a pooja at some one’s place, where girls like me would get dakshina for being fasting kumarikas. All in all, lot of fun!

So when yesterday Mom suggested I do a fast for “Vata Poornima”, I was not totally against the idea. Now, I’ve got sabudana khichi, apple and banana chips in my lunch box (instead of the usual boring chappati and subzi) 😀 to help with my fasting!! And I still wonder why it is called fasting ;), don’t you?

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“So you think you can wait for two more years, until I can ask your family for your hand?”

She stared at her screen. He was doing this online!!!

This was the moment she had been waiting for.

They were very good friends, they knew everything about each other. Their chat sessions would go on for hours after they returned from college every day. She did not realise when her feelings changed from friendship to love. She was going on a vacation with her family. And she knew she would miss him. What she did not know just yet, was how much.

She realised she had very strong feelings for him, Feelings she had never felt for anyone else before this. There was just the uncertainty. She did not know what he thought of her. He was ambitious. She knew he was not going to be satisfied with his graduate degree. He wanted to do a post-graduation. She did not want to be an obstacle in all this. He was not sure where he would do his post graduation. There were very few colleges in the country that made his list, and getting in any of those colleges would mean hard work. And there was a definite possibility that he would have to go out of the country for higher education. Even thinking about him leaving the country, and being away from him led to tears streaming down her face. She found it surprising, and so hard to understand, how was it that he meant so much to her! Why was it so hard to even imagine him going away for two years, was this love?


He had just given his entrance exams, and the results of the same were expected while she was on her vacation. He wanted her to be the first one to hear the good news, so he waited till it would be a decent hour to call a girl. Since she was with her parents, and he did not want to irritate his future in-laws by calling her in the middle of the night.

“I cleared it!!! I don’t have to go out of India any more”

” ” Speechless with joy!!! (Mann mein laddoo footing :D)

She could not wait to get back home and congratulate him in person.

After she had a moment to digest the information, she was so ecstatic that all the people who had come to the tour were made aware of the fact that a “friend” of hers had passed his entrance tests!

Much happiness was had for the remaining part of the trip.


“I sure can”, she typed happily. She was just glad that they could be together, the two years would get over in a jiffy!


PS: This is my proposal story. Now I tag all of you readers to go write your proposal/engagement stories.. Would love to read them all 🙂

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Spotted in local trains all the time are these posters of various Babas. They guarantee 100% success for any case – such as “Prem Vivah” (Love marriage), Job, Money, ” Karj Mukti” – repaying loans, “Pyar mein dhoka” -cheating, divorce and various other problems..

The inside of every local train I travel through is plastered with posters of such various Babas. Here are a couple of pictures for those who haven’t had the pleasure (:P) of traveling though Mumbai’s local train.

Baba Samani Ji (Vashikaran Specialist)

Baba Adil Shah (100% guarantee for a solution all problems)

Is life so difficult and depressing for people to actually believe in this crap! How can anyone even think that such a person would actually make their problems disappear. I know it is extremely tempting to run away from a problem, or hope that it will magically go away, but this is real life. No magic wands or baba chanting random voodoo stuff can vaporize your problems. You’ve got to fight them on your own.

If you have a problem in your marriage talk to your spouse, or get some counseling. You need a job, get some skills, search the newspaper for ads, send out your resume. Cheating – well, as much as you want the other person to be faithful, you cannot control how they feel, and really do you want to be with someone who doesn’t want you? Each of these problems need introspection, hard work and courage. How can you expect a baba to do all your work for you?

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He sat next to her in class in standard four.
“Can I copy from your book, I can’t read from the blackboard due to a window reflection”. That was how she started talking to him. He was the first guy she actually liked.

Ever since that day, he was her hero. Liking was more like an understatement. She worshiped him. He was the class topper, the joker, and overall the most popular guy in her class. She was a complete opposite. She was shy and reserved, and had a few close friends. She liked to dream – them having a future together – magical. She would love to imagine them getting married when they got older. And then she would surprise him by confessing, “I fell in love with you the day I sat next to you in class”. Oh how she would love to see the expression on his face when she told him that. Despite having such strong feelings, she always felt shy while talking to him. She just looked at him wistfully as he shared jokes with his friends in class, never daring to join in the fun.

She thanked her stars for getting them both in the same college. But they were drifting apart. They never were very good friends to begin with. But with college, they saw each other even less frequently.

“Rose day! that’s when you should drop him a hint. Otherwise he’ll never even notice you, silly” Her best friend suggested.

Actually expressing feelings was completely out of character for her. She was terrified. But even she felt, she had to do something about the situation.

“Hey, you know who I saw near the flower shop?”
“That Diya, she follows you with puppy eyes all around.”
“Let her, as if I care. Is she stupid or something? Has she looked at herself in the mirror? Anyway, I think I should be out of her sight for a while. Would be bad for my image if people knew she gave me a rose!”

The rose fell down from her hands as she cried silent tears. She could not believe her ears. They hadn’t noticed her, but she had heard every single word of that conversation. How she wished, she had never sat next to him in the first place. She wouldn’t have had to hear all this. Atleast now she knew.

He tiptoed in her window, and kept the flower by her table. He hoped she would know who it was from, in any case, he kept a page from his notebook from fourth standard, just in case 😉

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