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Fort Jadhavgadh

Our first ever weekend trip by car.

Even though we had a minor setback in the form of puncture, we got it resolved quick and were on our way! The Mumbai Pune Expressway is so pretty with the dark tunnels and cute yellow lights overhead.

Inside the tunnel (pardon the bad shot)

And we reached the hotel

The grand entrance

The hotel  also houses a museum with artifacts from Maratha time. No photos were allowed inside the museum, but I did take this one outside.

Love the words

The lawns were serene, the air quite fresh and all we could hear was birds chirping nearby.

The hotel is picturesque and very luxurious. It had a very pretty swimming pool. We did not dare take a dip, since it had just rained and the temp had gone down. But it looked very inviting.

We had a refreshing and peaceful weekend. I would definitely recommend this place to anyone looking for a break from the city.


Due to some changes at work (which I am very happy about ), I don’t get time to update the blog during the week. Will try to cover up for it over the weekends.


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Knock Knock :D

You can run, you can hide, but you can’t escape my the love.. are the lines playing in my mind as I read all you guys’ FB wall posts and emails urging me to come back. It feels good to be missed. But I guess I owe all of you an apology too, for running away from the blog without so much as a brb post. So here it is. I am sorry. And I am back :D. I can’t promise to write as frequently as I used to, but I’ll try to post whenever I can get my lazy brain to string together a few coherent words.

On a personal front, I just came back from a family get-together (well, who am I kidding, more of babysitting my cousins weekend). And it was super awesome. We played hours and hours of Uno, took lots of candid shots of the little (most of my cousins are still in school, so I can rightly call them lil :D) kiddos and ate yummy home-made chocolate, mangoes and truckloads of fun. All the grown-ups were away at a wedding with (mostly) me and P in-charge. He had fun, grouping up the kids and pitching them up against me 😛 😛

The kids did not know how to address P..Jijaji (bro-in-law) is too formal so he became P dada (brother) and I am anyway *insert my real name* tai (sis) :|.  The weekend so reminded me of the summer vacations I used to have with the elder set of these cousins during school times. *Sigh*. I so want a vacation now :(.
Monday’s are bad every week. But I had to literally drag myself to office today :(. But logging into FB (the first thing anyone does after reaching office :P), I saw these wall posts, and I had to write this :D. Thank you guys for making my Monday so much better already!

How was your weekend folks?

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Bullet points

  • Smart Cards keep finding a smart way of proving me dumb :|. This is the (almost) third time I (could) have lost my card.
  • Looking forward to one week @Ma’s place (funny?weird?sad? how I call it Ma’s place after just one year of marriage)
  • Finally got a chance to show Dad my latest toy (Kindle, of course). He loves reading and has hoarded a ton of books (which is a huge headache for mom), but is quite against technology. I am hoping he likes Kindle, so I can gift him one :D.
  • Found an awesome resource of ebooks in epub format yesterday. Kindle is now loaded with ~ 450 books. Sooper excited 😀
  • P on official trip for almost a week (4 whole days :() long trip. I hate his office 😐
  • The weighing machine is back into picture, and after the loads of chocolates we have eaten over the last week, we desperately need to heed its advice and start morning walks again.

Thats all for now. My new year is off on a good start, how about you guys?

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First off, I am really sorry that I went off the blog just like that. I got bitten by a really severe bug of blogger’s block and needed some time to recover. So I disappeared for a while. And now I am back refreshed, and hopefully free of the damn bug.

To my super sweet blog friends, who wrote comments, emails and FB messages, thank you so much! It means a lot to me that you guys missed me.

And now back to today’s post. December is my favourite month of the year and this December is turning out to be the best month ever. So many things happening – the anniversary (we went to Goa, more on that in a bit), my birthday, discovering Photoshop (downloaded it just yesterday) and last but definitely not the least – getting the Kindle!!!

The anniversary was on the 13th, and to celebrate we were at Goa this week. We thought why ruin the mood, by going to office mid-week after an awesome vacation, so we took Thursday and Friday off too. So here I am fiddling with Photoshop, the Kindle and enjoying my looooonngg weekend. I had really expected that Kindle would most likely trump everything else, but it turns out that Photoshop won this round. I spent nearly 5 hours on it yesterday, learning and finishing the trip photos. I have to say Photoshop is way better than Gimp, its only drawback being that it is a pretty expensive software. I’ll add a few trip photos here, just to show off a bit (isn’t that one of the purposes for having a blog 😛 )






Anyhow, so this is about all I have for the coming back post. Hopefully, I shall really be back in the full flow soon.

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Honesty is the best policy

.. and so I am confessing the real reason why my blog is being neglected for so long.

To give you an idea, here are a few conversations that my phone witnesses during my “work” day.

If it is mid-morning

P – Hey, I just reached office
Me: Yes, but sorry can’t talk now – (deep breaths in the background, huffing and puffing severely) . I’m working out, will call later

If he calls a couple of hours later

Me – Sorry- mera turn aya hai carrom mein – will talk later (FYI office has carrom, pool and TT :D)

Post lunch, around tea-time

P- Hey are you free now?
Me- (With my mouth stuffed with yummy dahi-puri) Thodi der baad.

Do you guys think, I’m guilty? With facilities like this – who the hell will want to stay at their desk and work (blog :P)

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Ali majhya ghari hi Diwali *

There is certain comfort in tradition. For me it is making karanji’s with Mom for Diwali. And that has been when I’ve been doing over the weekend at Ahmedabad.

Of course that is not the real story, you should know better by now :P. I have been sleeping, eating, fiddling with the camera – and repeat, for the last three days. To make up just a teeny tiny bit, for the impossible amount of eating, we have been taking walks in the colony. Walks that included sighting peacocks, chasing squirrels and trying to get them pose while eating chana (* them eating chana, not me jfyi I had much fancier stuff 😛 :P) holding hands, discussions on random stuff, and even more talking. I cherish these walks, which are just impossible in the city where I live.

Other times when I was awake and not eating (very rare, but there were times :P) P & I fought for and took turns to read – Surely You’re Joking, Mr. Feynman! The book is a very light read, the narration seems a bit hurried, but it is served as a very good timepass for the vacation that we had. Thank you Mr. Feynman, I think I just might have burst from the sides – given the amount of food I could have eaten, had I not been distracted by the book 😉

Sadly, all good things have to come to an end! I hate leaving heaven and coming back to office :(. But, that is just about bearable, because office is only for two more days, and then I’ll be off again 😀 😀

This being my first Diwali, there is a lot of enthusiasm, and cheer all around. Its rubbed off on me and I (very unlike me), have found a sudden interest in –

  1. dressing up (even to the extent of wearing a saree, which will be after a very long time)
  2. hunting for those long forgotten pieces jewellery, bought at the wedding,
  3. colouring my hair (for the first time ever)
  4. trying a teeny bit of make up (?)
  5. lighting a couple of ful-jhari’s and anars
  6. decorating the place with pretty diyas

I’m all set for the festivities, are you?

PS: I’ll be back with pictures from my trip, till then be good ;).  Wish you all a very Happy and joyous Diwali. Have a loads of fun folks!


* The title is from an old Marathi song, dunno why it popped into my head when I was scratching my head for a title.

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First off – the bestest news 😀 – Its raining babies in my family!

It started with P’s sister, who had a baby boy last month. Then, my cousin had twin baby boys last week. And finally, this week P’s brother had a baby daughter!! That is a total of four babies within almost a month 😀

All the babies are, of course, adorable!! They are extremely fragile, since they are babies ( 😛 ) and also because some of them were  pre-mature deliveries,  but they are oh so cute and tiny and healthy! 😀 :D.

Fun incident – When bhabhi was in the hospital, bhabhi’s bhabhi (B2) wanted to come visit her in the hospital. Now, bhabhi was already having contractions and going through a lot of pain, and bhabhi’s mom wanted avoided getting B2 there and gave her some excuse. Reason : – What if seeing the labour pain shocks B2 of ever having a baby!!!!!!!! So they allowed her to visit only after the worst (?) part was over.

Sad consequence of so many deliveries  – MIL and mom now, feel that the coast is clear for us ( 😯 😯 ) to have babies!!!

Anyhow, let them keep dreaming, right?

So moving on to the work front,  it has been really hectic last week, with the product launch that happened yesterday. And I loved every moment of it. This is the kind of work I like doing, where I am busy 9-10 hours a day. And I don’t have to keep waiting for inputs/ other teams to finish off their stuff and other things. So this time, we launched without waiting for others. The other teams will make their changes by next week, but we are done 😀 :D. Today is celebration day @ work and we are off to a lovely team lunch 😀

Work to ho gaya, ab moving on to life – weekends! We have been planning weekend trip for a long time, but every time, something or the other comes up. With the loan, new babies, festive season coming up, it seems unlikely that we would be able to go anywhere before November second week :(. So what I want from you guys is suggestions for places near Mumbai for weekend trips. If you can give me hotel recommendations, along with it, I will be indebted for life 😉

And last but not the least – the new book. I found Jonathan Strange and Mr Norell lying on a colleagues desk yesterday. It is on magic and magicians and 19th century England. I am not good at writing reviews, so I’ll stop here, but I just want to say, if you liked the The Illusionist and The Prestige , you’ll love this book. There, I’ve done my good deed for the day 😀

Have a great weekend folks!

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