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If my horn could speak…

.. this is what is would say (yell :P)

  1. To the pedestrian who looks like deer caught in headlights – I am really moving fast, so if you want to cross the road, cross NOW or STOP right there. Do not take a few steps and dawdle about it!!!
  2. When the traffic light changes, and the vehicle ahead of you doesn’t move “Unclejee soo gaye kya? Signal Green ho gaya, ab chale?” (The light has changed, can we move on?)
  3. When over taking from the left of bus, to the people who get down not when the bus is moving a little slowly – “E bhai jara dekh ke utro :P”
  4. To the vehicle in front that has been blocking you, when I finally overtake him.. just a tiny honk to let him know – “Nyah nyah na na naa, you cannot stop me :P”
  5. To Mama (traffic policeman) when he is not letting your lane go and you have been waiting for (reasonably) long time – “Ata jaudya na mama :P” (“Please let us go *sad face*”). And when it has been even longer, and Mama has blocked your lane for an unreasonably long amount of time.. Other vehicles join in a chorus honking session chanting (by their horns of course :P) “Let us go… let us go *angry faces*”
  6. To the biker/car/bus/truck who cuts very suddenly – “wtf, are you blind?”
  7. To P when I come to pick him up,- “Lo mein aa gayi” (I am here baby :D)

What would your horn say ?


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One where I think too much..

.. about what to blog! Since last Tuesday, there has been no real post (WW doesn’t really count). I feel sad just looking at the daily stats and the dropping weekly visitor count. Man! Those things are addictive! I rack my brains to come up with a half decent idea, but no avail.

This is how my day starts :

P: Baby, what time are you leaving?
Me: 9
P: That early? you’re going by bike, plus I though you were relatively free this week!
Me: I have some important work
P: Ah. the blog πŸ˜›
Me: hmph (Need to check behind his head for secret mind-reading devices!)

On the way to office, thinking ..oo I could do a post on my bike! Show it some luurrvvee..reality check – Not again! Done it more than once :(. Oh wait! What about these pedestrians who are crossing roads without looking at any (forget either) side of the road, and I get the feeling that their ears are wired to consider loud honking as soothing background music while they jay-walk on the highway. But wait! I am in the minority here and if there are any pedestrians in my sparse readership, even they will leave my poor blog and move on the greener funnier, more interesting, most importantly less insulting pastures. Or, the post could be about those bikers, who scare me out of my wits while riding. They have this immense control over their vehicles, like it is a part of their body, and treat it as if they are on a joy (scare ride for me) ride in Essel World. They ride like dashing cars, going in a completely zig-zag way, Ouch! a bump on the road brings me back to reality. Need to focus on the road, if I ever wish to see the “New-Post” page on WordPress again :P. Finally reach office, still completely preoccupied with just one though – ‘what do I blog about?’

Arrive in office. Check mail. 2-3 new comments on a Blank post!. Happy-happy now attach the power cord, visit loo etc :P. Come back, check stats – Ooh, they have crossed the 10,000 mark – yipee! Reply to comments. Check reader. Read smarty’s super hilarious new post. Sink further into depression, there is no way I am going to be able to write something even 0.000000000000000001 percent funny or interesting or read-worthy as that!

Finally get around the work stuff. Realise I am stuck for some inputs and cannot progress. Silently celebrate, lest colleagues know about the joblessness.

Barely manage to type this out, wondering all the while, how do you guys do it?

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Sample these..

An every morning scene, where we try to catch an auto to station, but end up walking since no one wants to go in that direction..

P: Hurry up.. I have got to catch that 9:21 local.
Me: I am walking as fast as I can.. you can’t really blame my legs, they have such a heavy weight to lug around :P..
P: With your speed we will surely miss the train 😦
Me: Idea! why don’t you get me skates. Then instead of holding my hands and dragging me like this, we can attach a string at one end of the skates and you can pull me by the string. That way I don’t have to walk faster, and we won’t get late either πŸ˜€
Him: !!!


We were travelling to someplace on the bike. The road from our place has water tankers parked all along its side, causing a lot of traffic problems.

P: I wish there was a way to punish these stupid drivers. These tankers are such a menace.
Me: I know 😦
P: We should get a special dart gun. That would puncture the tire, and have a note dangling on the dart explaining to him why :P..
Me: Kind of like the robin hood of streets πŸ˜› :P..


On Sweaty armpits!
Me: (Pointing at an ad for Dove deo, the one that claims to stop perspiration)
P: Stopping sweat seems so unnatural..
Me: Ok, so what’s you take?
P: We should have a deo that when comes in contact would convert sweat into perfume.. More you sweat, better you smell!
Me: !!!


Parking problem.. no problem..

P: It is such a hassle to find parking..
M: You know what would be a brilliant invention?
P: What?||?
Me: A device that could shrink vehicles
P: Huh?
Me: Ya.. so when you reach your destination, or a place where there is too much traffic congestion, you can simply shrink you vehicle, put it in your pocket.. and walk till a point of less traffic. Once you are there.. expand the vehicle and off you go.. That would solve so many problems πŸ˜€
P: You are a genius πŸ˜›


Do you guys get such crazy ideas?? I would love to hears yours. (And feel a lot better that we are not the only ones)

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The rain has finally arrived. It rained on last Monday, and the very next day we switched to traveling by train. And as if to mock us, the rain gods had completely stopped from sending us their blessing during the day time. The only time it rained was at night and early morning, so that when we looked at the roads, they were all wet, and we’d think – oh, it’ll definitely rain today, we shouldn’t take a risk taking our bikes to work. And the minute we start to step out of our house, the sun would shine brightly :(, making us sweat (and swear) profusely. Finally it rained today on our way to work, thus validating our decision, and it feels so good πŸ˜€


My bike is now throwing tantrums. She hates being left alone at home, while I go to work by train, and decided to vent her anger the minute I decided to use it over the weekend. First of all the button start refused to acknowledge the presence of my finger, and then the kick pretended that my legs were made of cotton :P. The damn bike just refused to start. I guess I’ll have to pamper it on the next weekend, and take it to the service station, get her all primped up :).


My team won a scavenger hunt!!! and the prize was.. guess?? Ferrero Rocher. My most favoritest chocolate in the whole world :D.. yay!! The activity was actually a bonding exercise for the new joinees in the office and to help them, the HR put one of the existing employees in each team. So that is why I ended up being a part of the competition in the first place. Such an awesome start to a blue Monday πŸ™‚

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Green, Yellow… And Red!

What is the deal with traffic signals? How does the traffic/roads governing/managing body decide where to put up a signal? There is a small lane near our the main road in front of our house, which is like the last place a signal is needed, and bang! we get a brand new signal there.I mean there is 0.00002% need for a signal at that point, there are hardly ever vehicles coming from that lane, but now every day we have an additional unnecessary stop, whenever we have to use that road. Why can’t they use this money for something that really needs to be fixed – Like the enormous and omnipresent potholes on the before mentioned road? It just irritates me no end when this signal wastes time every single day. The only reason I can see for the signal is an addition to the existing sources of income for traffic police.

Talking of traffic signals, do you remember the first time you broke one? I do. I actually did not do it on purpose, and somehow, realised that the signal was red, the moment I crossed that junction. And there came the mama’s(traffic police) looking eagerly at the next bribe. It didn’t help that the signal had just turned red. I know it was completely my fault and I am so ashamed to say I did actually bribe one to get out of it :(.

And just like that I don’t feel so guilty about jumping signals anymore if I know it is safe and a traffic police isn’t looking. I have done it a couple of times, and now it doesn’t hurt my conscience a single bit. Is it the same with any other wrong we do? It pricks when you first do it, but as time goes on and you continue repeating the act, it soon feels ok. That is such a dangerous thing!

Anyway, just wanted to rant about the useless traffic signal, so there.

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Women and two-wheelers

Everyday while commuting from home to work and back, I see a lot of bikes. What I very rarely see is women riders. Among almost a hundred bikes –Β  there are at-most 2-3 women riders at max. What is it that desists women from riding bikes ? A lot of women travel daily to work, why is it that buses/trains/autos are preferred more, especially for women. Is is the case that a majority of women enjoy way less economic freedom than men, and hence are less probable to buy stuffΒ  that will make life more comfortable for themselves ? Or do these guys believe that a woman’s place is not behind a steering wheel or in this case a bike handle πŸ˜› πŸ˜›

When I first told my parents I was planning to go to work on a bike, both of them tried their best to persuade me to change my decision. I just don’t get it. Especially since Mom is used to riding a scooter since her 30’s.While they are perfectly fine with bro commuting to office by bike in Pune, in fact it was assumed he would be doing so and hence there wasn’t even a discussion about it. I can understand that there are risks associated with riding, but aren’t the risks equal irrespective of gender? I also agree that I was not very used to riding a bike when I first suggested it, but how much time really does it take? I know it stems mostly from concern, but somehow I still don’t like the discrimination.

The only person who was really supportive and egged me to try it out was P. And I have to tell you – the feeling you get riding a bike is so liberating :D. As I said before, I am so glad I got it and didn’t chicken out πŸ™‚

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Ever since I have started blogging, my mind works overtime in the back-ground in a have-to-update-blog mode.

– I search my hard-drive, Picassa, look out wherever I go thinking obsessing about of what pic, at which angle can I take that can be put up for a Wordless Wednesday!
– While talking to P, figuring out whether any of our PJ’s can be put up on the blog.
– While riding to work, keep thinking and discarding new post ideas :D.
– When reading a book / watching a movie, think about whether I can write a review or something about it.
– Even at work, when I suddenly get an idea about a new blog post, I immediately open up TextMate and start typing it out before I forget πŸ˜› (just like this one)

Are you guys guilty of the same behavior, or is this some new-blogger phenomenon that I’ll get over??

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