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Knock Knock :D

You can run, you can hide, but you can’t escape my the love.. are the lines playing in my mind as I read all you guys’ FB wall posts and emails urging me to come back. It feels good to be missed. But I guess I owe all of you an apology too, for running away from the blog without so much as a brb post. So here it is. I am sorry. And I am back :D. I can’t promise to write as frequently as I used to, but I’ll try to post whenever I can get my lazy brain to string together a few coherent words.

On a personal front, I just came back from a family get-together (well, who am I kidding, more of babysitting my cousins weekend). And it was super awesome. We played hours and hours of Uno, took lots of candid shots of the little (most of my cousins are still in school, so I can rightly call them lil :D) kiddos and ate yummy home-made chocolate, mangoes and truckloads of fun. All the grown-ups were away at a wedding with (mostly) me and P in-charge. He had fun, grouping up the kids and pitching them up against me 😛 😛

The kids did not know how to address P..Jijaji (bro-in-law) is too formal so he became P dada (brother) and I am anyway *insert my real name* tai (sis) :|.  The weekend so reminded me of the summer vacations I used to have with the elder set of these cousins during school times. *Sigh*. I so want a vacation now :(.
Monday’s are bad every week. But I had to literally drag myself to office today :(. But logging into FB (the first thing anyone does after reaching office :P), I saw these wall posts, and I had to write this :D. Thank you guys for making my Monday so much better already!

How was your weekend folks?


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Bullet points

  • Smart Cards keep finding a smart way of proving me dumb :|. This is the (almost) third time I (could) have lost my card.
  • Looking forward to one week @Ma’s place (funny?weird?sad? how I call it Ma’s place after just one year of marriage)
  • Finally got a chance to show Dad my latest toy (Kindle, of course). He loves reading and has hoarded a ton of books (which is a huge headache for mom), but is quite against technology. I am hoping he likes Kindle, so I can gift him one :D.
  • Found an awesome resource of ebooks in epub format yesterday. Kindle is now loaded with ~ 450 books. Sooper excited 😀
  • P on official trip for almost a week (4 whole days :() long trip. I hate his office 😐
  • The weighing machine is back into picture, and after the loads of chocolates we have eaten over the last week, we desperately need to heed its advice and start morning walks again.

Thats all for now. My new year is off on a good start, how about you guys?

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Honesty is the best policy

.. and so I am confessing the real reason why my blog is being neglected for so long.

To give you an idea, here are a few conversations that my phone witnesses during my “work” day.

If it is mid-morning

P – Hey, I just reached office
Me: Yes, but sorry can’t talk now – (deep breaths in the background, huffing and puffing severely) . I’m working out, will call later

If he calls a couple of hours later

Me – Sorry- mera turn aya hai carrom mein – will talk later (FYI office has carrom, pool and TT :D)

Post lunch, around tea-time

P- Hey are you free now?
Me- (With my mouth stuffed with yummy dahi-puri) Thodi der baad.

Do you guys think, I’m guilty? With facilities like this – who the hell will want to stay at their desk and work (blog :P)

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Ali majhya ghari hi Diwali *

There is certain comfort in tradition. For me it is making karanji’s with Mom for Diwali. And that has been when I’ve been doing over the weekend at Ahmedabad.

Of course that is not the real story, you should know better by now :P. I have been sleeping, eating, fiddling with the camera – and repeat, for the last three days. To make up just a teeny tiny bit, for the impossible amount of eating, we have been taking walks in the colony. Walks that included sighting peacocks, chasing squirrels and trying to get them pose while eating chana (* them eating chana, not me jfyi I had much fancier stuff 😛 :P) holding hands, discussions on random stuff, and even more talking. I cherish these walks, which are just impossible in the city where I live.

Other times when I was awake and not eating (very rare, but there were times :P) P & I fought for and took turns to read – Surely You’re Joking, Mr. Feynman! The book is a very light read, the narration seems a bit hurried, but it is served as a very good timepass for the vacation that we had. Thank you Mr. Feynman, I think I just might have burst from the sides – given the amount of food I could have eaten, had I not been distracted by the book 😉

Sadly, all good things have to come to an end! I hate leaving heaven and coming back to office :(. But, that is just about bearable, because office is only for two more days, and then I’ll be off again 😀 😀

This being my first Diwali, there is a lot of enthusiasm, and cheer all around. Its rubbed off on me and I (very unlike me), have found a sudden interest in –

  1. dressing up (even to the extent of wearing a saree, which will be after a very long time)
  2. hunting for those long forgotten pieces jewellery, bought at the wedding,
  3. colouring my hair (for the first time ever)
  4. trying a teeny bit of make up (?)
  5. lighting a couple of ful-jhari’s and anars
  6. decorating the place with pretty diyas

I’m all set for the festivities, are you?

PS: I’ll be back with pictures from my trip, till then be good ;).  Wish you all a very Happy and joyous Diwali. Have a loads of fun folks!


* The title is from an old Marathi song, dunno why it popped into my head when I was scratching my head for a title.

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I scream, you scream we all scream for –

Ice-cream !!!

Continue reading if you want to prepare drool-worthy, spoon licking tender-coconut ice-cream. Note that all the steps mentioned below are to be strictly followed, the consequences of not doing so can be disastrous.

Step one – Take your mom shopping. Very important. You cannot treat her to coconut water, unless she is tired of going into “n” shops and looking at hazaar gifts for the coming Diwali season. So do not miss this step.

Next – Ask nariyal waale bhaiyya to pick medium malai wala coconuts. Once you are done drinking, try to eat as much malai as you can. I can assure you there cannot be a lot of progress on this front. It is impossible to finish.

Then, you will remember the kind soul, (hint: me :P) who put up this delicious recipe for tender coconut ice-cream for exactly these kind of scenarios.

On the way back, buy a one liter packet of whole milk.

Come back home, offer the malai to others in the house, warning them if they manage to keep their hands away from it, they might get a bite of the yummy ice-cream you will be making. Hah! that will keep them away 😀

Turn the house upside down for the aluminum vessel that you know is somewhere around, which will allow you to reduce milk to half its original quantity, by just pouring all the milk in it and having a ladle in it, while keeping the gas on a low flame.

The milk-reduction will take half an hour, during which I’d suggest you to take the much-needed break for some shut-eye, or watch tv. If you are the forgetful kind (just like me), please add an alarm on your mobile, else you will have to witness the extremely scarily charred remains of the milk.

Cut the coconut into pieces and put it through the mixer along with 2-3 tablespoons of milk, until you get a rough paste. Use more milk if needed.

Cool the milk and mix it with the coconut paste. Add sugar according to taste. Stop yourself from finishing the mix at this point. Put it in the freezer, lock the freezer and throw away the keys if you have to 😛

Give it around 5-6 hours after which you can start hunting for the keys again :P. When you finally manage to grab a bite, come back here and comment to let me know how it went, before you go back and drown in the awesomeness of the rich creamy tender coconut ice-cream.

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Spicy Saturday

Poor hubby had to attend a stupid meeting in his office and since I didn’t feel like going out alone, I was stuck at home too. MIL got bhindi for dinner. Now, I am not too fond of the usual bhindi subji, plus I was getting bored, so I suggested we make “bharva bhindi” (stuffed bhindi ). P loves it, I hadn’t had it before and wanted to try it out. It is a simple enough recipe, and I was quite happy with the result. So I decided to be generous, and share the recipe with you folks. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did 🙂


Stuffing (This is for 250gms of bhindi) :
1. 3-4 tablespoons ground peanuts.
2. 2 tea spoons Chilli powder
3. 1 tea-spoon Turmeric power
4. 2 tea spoons Garam masala.
5. Coriander leaves finely chopped.
6. 1 tea-spoon Lemon juice
7. Salt

(MIL says you can add finely chopped onions too, but I haven’t tried that out!)


  • Mix all the ingredients of the stuffing and set aside
  • Make a long slit in each bhindi so that you can fill the masala in it, but take care that the bhindi is not cut into two pieces :P.
  • Fill the masala in each bhindi
  • Heat up some oil in a tawa. Shallow fry the bhindi keeping the masala side upwards. Turn them over after 5 minutes.
  • Fry the remaining stuffing (if any) and add it to the fried bhindi.

Bingo! you are done. Wasn’t that easy?

Here is a pic of the final result..
Bharva bhindi

It might not look so good, but it tastes delicious 😀


PS.: On a totally unrelated note, I’d like to share an awesome french learning website that offers free courses online. So everyone, who said they want to learn the language on Miss Rays tag, here is your chance!

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  1. The hall was connected to a temple, and on every floor of the building, there was a sign saying – “Temple charges – 1 Re. per day, per person, per trip. Monthly pass Rs.15”
  2. Much fun was had yesterday attending a wedding. Since both the groom and bride were from my college group, the attendance from college group was quite high. Met many people from college group for the first time after 4 years. Made a very freaky observation – Among the college crowd, those who were married/about to get married had their partner from our college itself!!! The college seems less like an educational institute and more like a matrimonial place to me now 😛 . And it seems no outsider can seem to understand (tolerate) us since the rest were single!
  3. Cracked jokes of my (real) level today.. and was happy to find an audience that would actually connect :D. I so missed this. When asked “Hows life after marriage?” it was awesome to see people’s faces on my reply,”Oh its good for me, but you should probably be asking my MIL that :P”
  4. My two best friends from college came back home after the ceremony, and it almost seemed like old times, except now we gossiped, cribbed and complained about colleagues and family (both of them are single and their parents are making them look at prospective grooms!) instead of sharing gossip about people from college. Nothing like chatting with old friends and sharing to lift up your spirits
  5. People showed off their P&S cameras and while I tried my hands on them, I am now getting more and more inclined towards buying a DSLR. Especially after reading her. Anyone who is learning or has just started tinkering with their DSLRs I would strongly recommend reading her tutorials. Even if you do not own a camera, I’d still recommend you to hop over, the site is worth visiting just for the fabulous pictures she clicks.
  6. Woke up late today. Had the most awesome conversation with P over piping hot adrak chai and sabudana khichdi. He was not able to attend the wedding, and though he knew all of these people, he was not a part of this particular group of mine in college. Caught up with the latest gossip. Cribbed about his work. Said he would miss me next week (I am going home for a week, some religious thingie :(, I really hate doing it, its not that I mind going home.. just that some random custom which is definitely past its expiry date making me do it is the part pissing me off ). Going out later for some delicious .. I am drooling as I write this.. Achija Pav Bhaji. All in all a perfect Saturday morning!

Hows you weekend shaping up ?

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