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Lazy Saturday morning

Woke up late today, bunking the gym 😉 . Lots of weekend tasks to do. The good part is that its a three day weekend.. so lots of lazing around on the agenda.

On an unrelated note, did I mention that I am suffering from hair loss. I have been looking for that hot oil massager from parachute, without any luck. Any idea where I can get it in Mumbai?

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Rahul Dulhaniya Le Jaayega

It never ceases to amaze me what people can do for fame and money. Rahul Mahajan has been suspected of being a drug abuser and a wife beater. Why in the world would anybody with any sense want to marry him. He has been in prison for drug abuse, flirted with women on live tv, beat his wife numerous time. He has done absolutely nothing to be proud of. The worst part is that not only these women are ready to marry him, but even their families support their decision. During the show, he goes on and on flirting with all the contestants, not shying of kissing and hugging each!  It is just so ridiculous.

According to this link it seems that the girl who originally won the show, refused to marry Rahul and ran away with the money (lol)! Serves him right !!!

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I have really started enjoying my ride to and back from office. When I started going on my Avaitor, initially I used to be damn afraid that I would crash on to some or the other vehicle. So much so that my fingers used to ache after the ride due to the tight grip on the bike’s handle. But nowadays, I am getting pretty comfortable. It’s not like I am not scared anymore, just that the level of fear is much lesser. I almost look forward to the bike ride 🙂

There is one person I am eternally thankful to for this. If it weren’t for him, I would never have even tried this and continued traveling by local train. He accompanied me to office every single day for the first week. He got me to this confidence level, and it was his prodding and urging that has made me do this.

Thanks a lot dear >:D:<

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A new chapter in my life has just begun. This calls for a new wordpress account (This and the fact that I cannot recover the password for my previous account 😉 ). I am really not sure how frequently, and how well I would be able to update this blog, but I really hope this one works out.

I have never been good at writing as far as I remember. In school, the essays would be the most hated part of studying and I would usually end up mugging essays from essay book. There was just this one essay I distinctly remember – ‘Looking out of the window’. I had ended up writing so well that I surprised even myself. That was  the only time I had really enjoyed writing something. Unfortunately, it was the first and last time. After school, it was my post grad when I had to get back to writing once more. Only this time it was more technical. I had a very strict professor who would just not tolerate bad writing. Each time I submitted a draft of my thesis report, it would come back covered in red ink. I remember being in tears before every submission. But I am very grateful to her. She taught me a lot of valuable lessons about writing.

I hope with this blog, I enjoy writing the way I did when I wrote that essay in school and that whoever reads it enjoys it even more 🙂


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