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Fort Jadhavgadh

Our first ever weekend trip by car.

Even though we had a minor setback in the form of puncture, we got it resolved quick and were on our way! The Mumbai Pune Expressway is so pretty with the dark tunnels and cute yellow lights overhead.

Inside the tunnel (pardon the bad shot)

And we reached the hotel

The grand entrance

The hotel  also houses a museum with artifacts from Maratha time. No photos were allowed inside the museum, but I did take this one outside.

Love the words

The lawns were serene, the air quite fresh and all we could hear was birds chirping nearby.

The hotel is picturesque and very luxurious. It had a very pretty swimming pool. We did not dare take a dip, since it had just rained and the temp had gone down. But it looked very inviting.

We had a refreshing and peaceful weekend. I would definitely recommend this place to anyone looking for a break from the city.


Due to some changes at work (which I am very happy about ), I don’t get time to update the blog during the week. Will try to cover up for it over the weekends.

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First off, I am really sorry that I went off the blog just like that. I got bitten by a really severe bug of blogger’s block and needed some time to recover. So I disappeared for a while. And now I am back refreshed, and hopefully free of the damn bug.

To my super sweet blog friends, who wrote comments, emails and FB messages, thank you so much! It means a lot to me that you guys missed me.

And now back to today’s post. December is my favourite month of the year and this December is turning out to be the best month ever. So many things happening – the anniversary (we went to Goa, more on that in a bit), my birthday, discovering Photoshop (downloaded it just yesterday) and last but definitely not the least – getting the Kindle!!!

The anniversary was on the 13th, and to celebrate we were at Goa this week. We thought why ruin the mood, by going to office mid-week after an awesome vacation, so we took Thursday and Friday off too. So here I am fiddling with Photoshop, the Kindle and enjoying my looooonngg weekend. I had really expected that Kindle would most likely trump everything else, but it turns out that Photoshop won this round. I spent nearly 5 hours on it yesterday, learning and finishing the trip photos. I have to say Photoshop is way better than Gimp, its only drawback being that it is a pretty expensive software. I’ll add a few trip photos here, just to show off a bit (isn’t that one of the purposes for having a blog 😛 )






Anyhow, so this is about all I have for the coming back post. Hopefully, I shall really be back in the full flow soon.

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After my last post, I have been shying away from WP dashboard. This blogging block is getting worse by the day. Today, I finally put my foot down. I had to post something, before it gets to me, and I lose my dear blog forever!!!

But since I really have no idea to write about, I’ll leave you guys with two pics from my Ahmedabad trip as promised. Hope you’ll like them 🙂



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Ganapati bappa morya

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I have started a new blog dedicated to photography and post-processing of images here.

Please be kind and drop by if you are interested. I have put up a post with some technical explanations on the Ganesha pic I put up in my last post.

PS: The you in my title is for Uma and DI.. just so you know who to throw stones at 😉

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