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My blog baby has grown a lot since Feb’10 when I started it. I got my Indiblogger rank 69 (yay!), long back and meant to do a post on it sooner, but somehow missed. So here is celebrating the almost 6 month anniversary of dear bloggie and my indirank.. Cheers :D.

Also, more importantly, I’d like to thank the five girls- Pinoo, Tamanna, Preeti, DI, Nuttie. The first five to comment on this blog. You guys are the reason this blog has survived these many months. Thank you so much girls! If it were not for the encouragement I got from your comments, I’d have shut this down long back. I am so glad to have you here *flying kisses* 😀 :D. Love ya all!


Moving on to random stuff, it has been raining like crazy in Mumbai for the past 3-4 days. First the rains ruined the weekend plans, and now every morning I look out of the window on waking up, and I really really wish I did not have to go to office. All I want to do is laze  at home in a cozy blanket, eating hot maggi and watch/read chick-lit. And then I come back to reality :(, search for my 3/4 ths and get ready for another walk to the station. Since no auto, wants to come to the station (which I cannot understand why!) we have to walk down the main road which is full of potholes, which leads to a lot of splattering of dirty puddle water from the roads by all sorts of vehicles. I so need the shower in office 😦

Btw, Speaking of chick-lit I have been reading Meg Cabot for the last few weeks and its fun! The best part of course is being able to read it on the laptop 😉 :P. I especially liked her Boy Series where the entire book is in the form of email communication exchanged between the characters. Very different and quite entertaining too. The other series’ are good.. not great, but timepass enough. I’d only recommend these to chick-lit fans. People who read heavier stuff might not like it a lot.

What else can I talk about? Nope nothing, and it looks like I should get to work now. So cya folks!


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Spicy Saturday

Poor hubby had to attend a stupid meeting in his office and since I didn’t feel like going out alone, I was stuck at home too. MIL got bhindi for dinner. Now, I am not too fond of the usual bhindi subji, plus I was getting bored, so I suggested we make “bharva bhindi” (stuffed bhindi ). P loves it, I hadn’t had it before and wanted to try it out. It is a simple enough recipe, and I was quite happy with the result. So I decided to be generous, and share the recipe with you folks. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did 🙂


Stuffing (This is for 250gms of bhindi) :
1. 3-4 tablespoons ground peanuts.
2. 2 tea spoons Chilli powder
3. 1 tea-spoon Turmeric power
4. 2 tea spoons Garam masala.
5. Coriander leaves finely chopped.
6. 1 tea-spoon Lemon juice
7. Salt

(MIL says you can add finely chopped onions too, but I haven’t tried that out!)


  • Mix all the ingredients of the stuffing and set aside
  • Make a long slit in each bhindi so that you can fill the masala in it, but take care that the bhindi is not cut into two pieces :P.
  • Fill the masala in each bhindi
  • Heat up some oil in a tawa. Shallow fry the bhindi keeping the masala side upwards. Turn them over after 5 minutes.
  • Fry the remaining stuffing (if any) and add it to the fried bhindi.

Bingo! you are done. Wasn’t that easy?

Here is a pic of the final result..
Bharva bhindi

It might not look so good, but it tastes delicious 😀


PS.: On a totally unrelated note, I’d like to share an awesome french learning website that offers free courses online. So everyone, who said they want to learn the language on Miss Rays tag, here is your chance!

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She found him when she was recovering from a bad breakup. Her ex had been a jerk, and had dumped her the moment she talked about commitment . She’d taken it very badly, and all her friends were very worried for her. But, she just couldn’t get to open up and talk to anyone, that is, except him.

She did not even realise how and when he had carved a place for himself in her heart. Slowly and gradually, she started healing, in his presence. His words comforted her. And, it was just good to be around him. Things were just settling down, when her parents started pestering her for marriage.

“Let us decide for you this time. You don’t want to repeat the same mistake again”

“But ma, I need some more time. I am just getting over him.. What is the rush”

“I am not going to have this discussion over and over again. We have to think about your younger sister too. If your marriage is delayed, how will we find a good groom for her. Don’t be so selfish. I’m not going to force anything, but just tell me, if you have found someone or should we start looking for a groom ourselves”

“Can you give me until tomorrow atleast?”

“Ok, tomorrow morning it is.”

She was nervous. She was not sure how he felt about her, or whether he even felt that way about her. In fact, now she was convinced he just thought them to be best friends. He had never taken her to meet his family, never even mentioned marriage, or dropped any hints about it. When they went out, it was exactly how she would go out with a friend.. no romantic indications, nothing. Was he her rebound? She wondered.

Both of them were quite different too. She was an extrovert, he was reserved. She loved talking, he was a man of few words. She loved eating out, he loved cooking. Was her interest in him just because he was different? She had heard that opposites attract, but would his different nature start bothering her over time? She was in a complete mess. On the one hand she felt all these things don’t matter, while on the other, her practical mind said, it is a decision that would affect her entire life, could she risk falling for the wrong person, once again?

“What will you have?”

She jerked back to reality, to the coffee-house where she had asked him to meet.

“Frappe, my usual” she said. Breaking up with him was going to be hard. But, she had lost confidence in herself, and her own judgment after the breakup. She had made up her mind and was going to let her parents choose a partner for her. After all, they had found each other through an arranged marriage.. and look how happy they were with each other.

“Hey, there is Dinesh, my close friend from college. Haven’t seen him in ages. I’ve gotta go over and say hi. Be back in a moment”

He had left his phone behind. She picked it up and saw it was blinking. There was a new message. Normally, she would’ve just handed over the phone to him, but today, she felt this urge, to sneak.

“All the best son” – Dad, was all the message said.

Now she was intrigued. He hadn’t mentioned about an exam or anything special, what did he needed wishes for. She scrolled down to his sent messages to find – “I’m gonna ask her today, pray for me”

That was all the confirmation she needed 😉

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The learning never ends!

Just when I thought I was done with all the learning, Miss Rays tagged me with ‘Things to learn in the near(or far) future’ tag..

Number one on this list is…  ofcourse you guessed it right – Photography :).. I have really been hooked to it ever since I read her.I’d give anything to be able to manage some half-decent pictures. Atleast I’ve got the equipment now. Fingers crossed for being able to use it right.

Watching couples do romantic dance in all those Hollywood flicks has made me yearn to learn  a couple’s dance. Ballroom dancing, salsa.. anything would do. Especially since I have two left feet, I’d be really grateful if any such workshop actually manages to teach me anything at all.

Purple foodie , Ree and similar other food bloggers make me crave for all the amazing yummy food they talk about. I want to be able to bake cakes like them, and make yummy pastas, desserts, exotic recipes and so much more .. I hope I find the time/ energy to take it up someday.

French has always symbolized romance for me. And when we are on the Europe trip, that we want to do sometime in future, I am sure it’ll be quite useful to know. I want to be able to speak and understand atleast a little bit french before we go there 🙂

I learned to play harmonium when I was a kid (wasn’t very good at it, if you have to know 😦 ).. I found it a little boring.. But since then I’ve been fascinated by the Synth. The only song I can play on it is “Pal pal Har pal” from Lage raho Munna Bhai.

That’s all I can think of. For now :P.

PS: Thanks Divs for this wonderful tag… it was a fun exercise to take time and really sit and think about stuff I’d want to learn 🙂

PPS: No thanks for tagging everyone on the list. Mean mean you! hmph.

Thankfully there are still a few guys left, so before anyone else does it , I’d like to tag Niveditha, Tamanna and Uma

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Joys of married life – II

  • Waking up in the middle of the night to give your wife a hot water bag, to ease her menstrual cramps
  • Being woken up in the mornings by a kiss, and getting those extra 2 minutes in bed with her, before having to rush for office.
  • Saving a bar of chocolate that you got from a colleague on his birthday, so that you can share it with him.
  • Taking a bus trip to meet her grandparents, even though you get road-sick quite often.
  • Having the most awesome conversations over random stuff, in the shady bus for a journey that takes more than 12 hours.
  • Getting completely drenched every weekend of the monsoon, because you don’t travel by anything else but the beloved bike, and at the same time,
  1. you can’t say no to the nagging wife who wants you to chauffeur her around for camera research
  2. wifey again, who wants to go out for lunch @ a Parsi place which you told her about, and are still kicking yourself for 😛
  3. its criminal to stay at home for the entire weekend, even though it is pouring cats and dogs outside.
  • Coordinating office times, so that the long, painful walk to the station gets much more bearable.
  • Watching a ridiculous series titled – “Gossip Girls”, because she insists, even though you are pretty sure, she doesn’t know half of whats going on in it.
  • Having to proof-read each of her posts, including this one, since her Highness – is incapable of doing so herself 😛
  • I’ll leave you with a comic he fwded to me a couple of days back.

silence is gold

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I first heard about “The Secret” sometime last year. From two of my friends who were going through very bad patches in their personal lives. One of them chose to believe in it, the other was skeptical about it. She felt that just believing in something, won’t change anything. One needs to do something concrete to overcome problems. Though I agreed with what she said, it turned out that miraculously, my friend, who chose to believe, her problems got solved. The issues, where we had so little hope of resolution, got completely resolved!

It seems very hard to believe (read: ridiculous) when you first hear about it, but somehow, I found myself believing in it. I don’t how, but it has seemed to work on many instances. I mainly like it because it encourages positive thinking. The idea is simple, if you want something badly enough, and transmit those thoughts correctly, the universe will get it to you.

Though it sounds extremely ridiculous, there are times in our life, when we need to believe life will be better, and things will work out at the end. We need something to give us hope. This is my thing – the thing that I cling to and rest my hopes on when I am down, or hurt, or just need some positivity.

Have you read it? What are your opinions about it?

If not this, what do you believe in, what gives you hope in the darkest hour?

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