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Honesty is the best policy

.. and so I am confessing the real reason why my blog is being neglected for so long.

To give you an idea, here are a few conversations that my phone witnesses during my “work” day.

If it is mid-morning

P – Hey, I just reached office
Me: Yes, but sorry can’t talk now – (deep breaths in the background, huffing and puffing severely) . I’m working out, will call later

If he calls a couple of hours later

Me – Sorry- mera turn aya hai carrom mein – will talk later (FYI office has carrom, pool and TT :D)

Post lunch, around tea-time

P- Hey are you free now?
Me- (With my mouth stuffed with yummy dahi-puri) Thodi der baad.

Do you guys think, I’m guilty? With facilities like this – who the hell will want to stay at their desk and work (blog :P)


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First off – the bestest news πŸ˜€ – Its raining babies in my family!

It started with P’s sister, who had a baby boy last month. Then, my cousin had twin baby boys last week. And finally, this week P’s brother had a baby daughter!! That is a total of four babies within almost a month πŸ˜€

All the babies are, of course, adorable!! They are extremely fragile, since they are babies ( πŸ˜› ) and also because some of them wereΒ  pre-mature deliveries,Β  but they are oh so cute and tiny and healthy! πŸ˜€ :D.

Fun incident – When bhabhi was in the hospital, bhabhi’s bhabhi (B2) wanted to come visit her in the hospital. Now, bhabhi was already having contractions and going through a lot of pain, and bhabhi’s mom wanted avoided getting B2 there and gave her some excuse. Reason : – What if seeing the labour pain shocks B2 of ever having a baby!!!!!!!! So they allowed her to visit only after the worst (?) part was over.

Sad consequence of so many deliveriesΒ  – MIL and mom now, feel that the coast is clear for us ( 😯 😯 ) to have babies!!!

Anyhow, let them keep dreaming, right?

So moving on to the work front,Β  it has been really hectic last week, with the product launch that happened yesterday. And I loved every moment of it. This is the kind of work I like doing, where I am busy 9-10 hours a day. And I don’t have to keep waiting for inputs/ other teams to finish off their stuff and other things. So this time, we launched without waiting for others. The other teams will make their changes by next week, but we are done πŸ˜€ :D. Today is celebration day @ work and we are off to a lovely team lunch πŸ˜€

Work to ho gaya, ab moving on to life – weekends! We have been planning weekend trip for a long time, but every time, something or the other comes up. With the loan, new babies, festive season coming up, it seems unlikely that we would be able to go anywhere before November second week :(. So what I want from you guys is suggestions for places near Mumbai for weekend trips. If you can give me hotel recommendations, along with it, I will be indebted for life πŸ˜‰

And last but not the least – the new book. I found Jonathan Strange and Mr Norell lying on a colleagues desk yesterday. It is on magic and magicians and 19th century England. I am not good at writing reviews, so I’ll stop here, but I just want to say, if you liked the The Illusionist and The Prestige , you’ll love this book. There, I’ve done my good deed for the day πŸ˜€

Have a great weekend folks!

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Blog ’bout it πŸ˜‰

Which is exactly what I’m doing. The good news that I’d like to share with you people is.. *drumroll* .. But wait, well, let’s have a little suspense before we spill out the beans.

Kind of like what my Manager did. So what happened the other day is, we got an email from the Big Boss, saying that the appraisal investigation is done, and the HR will be mailing out the appraisal data to respective managers, by the end of the day, so that they can start communicating this to the employees. So we all wait in anticipation. We do not have a lot of hope, that he’ll be sending out the emails on that day itself.

The next day – People are stealing glances towards the seat where he sits, in the hope that he might be typing out the email. Every-time he moves away from the laptop to go in a meeting.. the frustration is evident.. One of my colleagues even goes up to him and cracks a pathetic joke in an attempt to get him to send the mail and pleads ..our F5 keys are almost broken πŸ˜‰ please hurry before they are completely gone!. But it is to no avail, no emails in our inbox 😦

The day after that – We wait for him to come to office.. We wait.. and we wait.. and we wait… He doesn’t come. Finally at 4:22 p.m. he emails us saying, he will be sending out those emails tomorrow.

The day after – We have lost all hope that the mail is actually going to come today. Still, my hopes rise, when he is at his desk for a long time. But unfortunately no mail. People give up, and when there is no mail till 7 p.m. I too leave dejectedly. I run home and check my laptop as soon as I reach. And.. there is a mail. Unfortunately, it says “It looks like I’ll only be able to send the appraisal emails later at night today. “. So I wait.. pressing my overworked F5 button, each time MasterChef breaks for an advertisement. Finally giving up, I decide that can take it no more, and I go to sleep at around 11:30. Just to be sure I don’t miss it, I ask P to keep pressing F5, as long as he is awake, and wake me up as soon as there is any news.

Finally at exactly 2 minutes to 12 his email arrives in the inbox.. So what exactly was in the e-mail.. Would you like to know?

But before we get to that, don’t you guys think that if my Manager participated in “Raaz pichle janame ke” he would most definitely be an anchor for some kind of TV dance/music/blah competition.. I mean the way they delay announcing the results in those shows, this was even worse than that! What say?

Ok.. I think enough torture. And I kind of feel most of you must have skipped the blah in between reached the end to find out the contents of the email anyway.

So the email says – I’ve been promoted.. Dhinchak Dhinchak Dhinchak.. 15 months into the job, and I am now a Senior Software Developer now! Yay! If you’ve read this post ages ago, you can understand how happy I am today!

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Dear Piyu,

Please read this carefully digesting each word here, not the way you usually read – in a hurry to get to the end. You need to understand that all this haste in you, is going to lead you to nothing but waste. What happened yesterday at work, is something that should teach you a lesson. This stupid and unnecessary hurry, to finish first – what is the point? How will it help you if you finish something very quickly but do it all wrong. You’ll just have to do it all over again. Speed might be desirable, but accuracy is a must. When will you get it!

If you really want to go anywhere ahead in your career, incidents like these are just going to hold you back. Who would want a developer whose code is buggy all the time, and who doesn’t care to test her code, even though she might finish the job in half the time?

Do not forget the shame that you felt yesterday. Let that memory be with you, and remind you how much you need to improve.

You know how to code. There is absolutely no problem with that. The only problem is the immense laziness to test it correctly. You have to read what you have written, understand all its implications, think through it, before going ahead and uploading it to production.

So, repeat after me – Haste is Waste. I will be more careful in the future. I will read my code thoroughly, test it thoroughly, not cut corners. It is not my reviewers job to find out bugs in my code. I have to be my own reviewer. I should not depend on him/her. In fact I will make it a point to not let the code get to the reviewer until I have reviewed my code atleast thrice.

Otherwise, if you keep going like this, you can kiss good bye to your dreams of going anywhere in your career.

Extremely disappointed,
Yesterday’s you.

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