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Knock Knock :D

You can run, you can hide, but you can’t escape my the love.. are the lines playing in my mind as I read all you guys’ FB wall posts and emails urging me to come back. It feels good to be missed. But I guess I owe all of you an apology too, for running away from the blog without so much as a brb post. So here it is. I am sorry. And I am back :D. I can’t promise to write as frequently as I used to, but I’ll try to post whenever I can get my lazy brain to string together a few coherent words.

On a personal front, I just came back from a family get-together (well, who am I kidding, more of babysitting my cousins weekend). And it was super awesome. We played hours and hours of Uno, took lots of candid shots of the little (most of my cousins are still in school, so I can rightly call them lil :D) kiddos and ate yummy home-made chocolate, mangoes and truckloads of fun. All the grown-ups were away at a wedding with (mostly) me and P in-charge. He had fun, grouping up the kids and pitching them up against me 😛 😛

The kids did not know how to address P..Jijaji (bro-in-law) is too formal so he became P dada (brother) and I am anyway *insert my real name* tai (sis) :|.  The weekend so reminded me of the summer vacations I used to have with the elder set of these cousins during school times. *Sigh*. I so want a vacation now :(.
Monday’s are bad every week. But I had to literally drag myself to office today :(. But logging into FB (the first thing anyone does after reaching office :P), I saw these wall posts, and I had to write this :D. Thank you guys for making my Monday so much better already!

How was your weekend folks?


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Babies.. or err.. kids

Who can resist smiling back at that cute little gurgling face. Babies are so innocent. They have such a quality/aura around them that you just cannot resist them. Had I not done this engineering thing, my dream job would be working in a day-care, or maybe a pre-school. I just love begin around kids. Right now, my SIL’s daughter, a cute little 4-year-old is at our place for her summer vacations. And it is so much fun to be around her.

It reminds me of my own summer vacations as a kid, when we went to our maternal grandparents house. All my cousins would be there too, and what a blast we had :D. The house was an independent bungalow, with lots of space to run around, and do masti :D.

Also, with the little kid around, I don’t miss my going to the gym at all :D. All my workout happens with her. Our fun activities include – aeroplane, which involves moving her in a horizontal plane, very fast, or its dance, which means I get to carrying her and doing a slow dance 😉 or else some other activity where she is off the ground and in my arms, which means all my weight training happens at home :).

My BIL enjoys teasing her, so every day she is given a new nick-name. Yesterday it was “dhoki” – i.e. “female that gave him dhoka”. The kid loves watching CID on t.v. and doesn’t let BIL watch anything else. She promised BIL that she would sleep early and give him the remote, but that didn’t happen, hence “dhoki”, lol. A day before it was “dushman” due to some random fights between the two of them over the remote again.

She is a very well-behaved child in general, and I don’t remember her mother ever having to raise her voice or hand, which is very new to me, since my parents way of bringing us up was completely opposite :D. I find it very praise-worthy, both for the parents and the kid.

The only time she cries is when her mom leaves for work, and it is heartbreaking to see her cry :(. I cannot even begin to imagine what the mom must be going through. And in 15 minutes after that she is completely fine, and gets busy with her colouring, or alphabets :). I have always been in two minds what I would do when we decide to have kids. One one hand I am not yet ready to give up my career which I have worked so hard for, and on the other I don’t know if I can handle being away from the baby for so long.. Guess only time will tell 😉

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