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Bullet points

  • Smart Cards keep finding a smart way of proving me dumb :|. This is the (almost) third time I (could) have lost my card.
  • Looking forward to one week @Ma’s place (funny?weird?sad? how I call it Ma’s place after just one year of marriage)
  • Finally got a chance to show Dad my latest toy (Kindle, of course). He loves reading and has hoarded a ton of books (which is a huge headache for mom), but is quite against technology. I am hoping he likes Kindle, so I can gift him one :D.
  • Found an awesome resource of ebooks in epub format yesterday. Kindle is now loaded with ~ 450 books. Sooper excited πŸ˜€
  • P on official trip for almost a week (4 whole days :() long trip. I hate his office 😐
  • The weighing machine is back into picture, and after the loads of chocolates we have eaten over the last week, we desperately need to heed its advice and start morning walks again.

Thats all for now. My new year is off on a good start, how about you guys?


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I no longer feel enthusiastic enough about blogging ( 😯 ). Barely 6-7 months after I started writing here regularly, there is a definite lull period. I hope this is just a phase and will get over soon, but till then blogging will be irregular. Ironically this very month, Indiblogger update my rank from 69 to 72 :P. Also, just realised that this is my 100th post here πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

In other news, I have finally joined the office gym and I have been regular (for two whole day :P, hope it lasts πŸ˜€ ). It helps that the gym is new, huge and not a lot of people use it in the morning, so I do not have to wait for the machines. Plus the best part is not having to wake up early and ride 1.5-2 kms to the gym, this is just 2 floors above mine. The only thing I miss, is not working out together :(. But that cannot be helped.

My time to go to the gym is immediately after I reach office, which originally was when I usually updated my blog, since I used to get all these crazy ideas about what I can blog about on my way to work, and would want to immediately post them before I forgot! So now, I don’t know when I’ll take time out to blog. I might have to cut out on tv time at night ( 😯 ), which is a near impossibility, with Bigg Boss and Lie to Me on my daily watch list.

On a totally unrelated note, have you guys seen the Mc Donalds ads, the one where the guy bribes the hostel watchman with aΒ  Mc Aloo tikki, or the one where the younger sister blackmails her elder sis for going to a party (Could not get a video on You tube :(, so you’ll have to bear with the description ). I am really annoyed by those ads. Could they not have picked a better theme than bribing and blackmail? Really?

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I hate shopping

.. for jeans. I have the worst luck, or as some may way, worst sense, in jeans. For some weird reason, I always end up with a pair that either is a tad bit too tight.. or way too loose, so much so that even the after using a belt it doesn’t quite look half decent. It is rare, in fact, I just have one pair that fits like a glove. So, obviously, I’ve been using that pair a lot. But I knew that I’d soon need a new one, before people started noticing I wear the same damn pair everyday :(. So yesterday afternoon, I went out with Mom, to get a pair in black.

We go to the shop where we get my last perfect fit jeans. I have a lot of hopes from this shop. And the kind of person I am, I really like to finish my shopping really fast. I absolutely hate spending, say, more than an hour shopping for a piece of clothing. Most of the times, I like something pretty soon, and I’m done. Otherwise, I don’t like the first couple of garments, I decide I’ve had enough of the shop and walk out. I’ve really low patience with shopping, and I quite hate making the salesman show me a LOT of garments and then deciding I don’t like any of them.

So we get in the shop, and the first question the salesman asks – what size. Now, the waist size for jeans is a big puzzle.. I’ve pairs of size 30 that are just a little tight that would make me feel I should get one in size 32, while at the same time, I’ve pairs in size 36 that fit quite well. One pair which is of size 34, is so huge, that it really makes me wonder, whether all the jeans manufacturers use the same unit of measurement. Anyhow, I tell him to get some in size 32 and 34, just to be on the safer side. I also tell him that I am looking for a pair in black.

He brings out the most ridiculous pairs.. Most of the pairs have glitter(!!) on their back pockets, some with a material that is so weird, I am not even sure it can be called a jeans. Anyway, so he asks me to try out one just to check if we have got the size correct. So I take a pair of 32 and one of 34 to the trial room. I have to confess, if any of you ever need a push to start working out, just try out a couple of jeans. it serves as an amazing reality check ( πŸ˜› ). The fitting of those jeans was so strange that they did not even go up from my knees 😦 .. Both of them! But I am giving myself too much credit. I should rephrase that, the shape of my body was so weird that not even the one of size 34 fit. I felt crushed.

I tell you, the jeans fitting thing, works way better than a weighing machine. My weight has been constant for a long time.. So I don’t feel that push to go to the gym. But when I get out to buy a pair of jeans, and when I realise that even a pair of size 34 doesn’t fit, it hits me hard. After the humiliation at the trial room, weΒ  left shop, and I made a resolution. I just have to start working out again.

Previously, I did not considerΒ  working out at my office, since they don’t have a shower there, but thanks to DI‘s brilliant suggestion, I am going to work out at my office gym after I finish work, then I can rush home on my bike, for the shower. I’ll start this as soon as I start going to office by bike again, basically, as soon as it stops raining in Mumbai. I promise.

I’ll blog about it too. So, in case you do not get any gym updates from me, you’ll know I’m not gymming and as a friend, please please point me back to this post, and shame me into it, you’ll do it, right?


p.s.: Happy Independence Day, everyone πŸ™‚

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With P starting his new job, gymming is becoming increasingly difficult for us. Especially if you know P or you have read this, you know as it is what a huge task it is to get him to wake up for the gym. So after our frequency dipped to an alarming low of less than once a week, I decided that I needed to do something about it, and then I saw this.

The book has a list of exercises and workouts that can be done at home without any extra training material. And since I knew a couple of these exercises, it was easier for me to start working out. So now in the morning after a couple of minutes of haggling with P, when I am sure we wont go to the gym, I do my exercises at home instead. The best part is that it feels so good.. and I get a couple extra minutes of sleep since I don’t have to commute the gym, so yeay :D.

I would recommend this solution to everyone who wants to start working out but has been avoiding going to the gym πŸ˜€

PS. The book is available for Rs. 195 by MacMilan publication, but I could not get that link on flipkart.

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